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Outer Banks Fishing Reports

4/22/15 Box Full for Squid Nation
Wednesday we had our buddy Bill Pino and crew from Squid Nation. We had great fishing as you can see with a box full of yellowfins and gaffer dolphin. We pulled a couple of his new product known as the "Flippy Floppy Thing" and the yellowfin were after them! We had some multiples that started off on them and some single bites as well, and on several different colors. They can be pulled as a hookless teaser for billfish or with a hook for tuna as we did. Second pic below is a tuna on the leader of a all white Flippy Floppy. Check out his website for more info. Thanks.

Posted on 23 Apr 2015 by biopsea
4/19/15 Yellowfin fishing Heating Up
Ewing Hyatt and gang from Richmond fished with us on Sunday. Started out calm and got choppy latter in the day. Not much action in the am, we caught 1 yellowfin and a handful of gaffer dolphin. In the afternoon Capt Jordan on the Legacy and Capt Tony on the Fin Planner both got hit hard hooking 7 or 8 yellowfins at one time. We stuck it out and caught a few singles and a couple doubles and ended up with 8 yellowfins. We have Thursday open this week and weather looks good in interested. Couple days open next week as well if someone wants to get in on some great spring time fishing.

Posted on 20 Apr 2015 by biopsea
4/18/15 Meat Slam
We had Walter Williams and the boys from Va on a slick calm Saturday. Scrappy fishing but we did mange 4 yellowfins, a handful of dolphin and a wahoo for a meat slam. Thanks

Posted on 20 Apr 2015 by biopsea
4/12/15 Mix Grill with a Bluefin
We had our boat owner Craig with friend Wendy on Sunday. SLower on yellowfin than yesterday as we only caught 1 and a nice gaffer dolphin. The bluefins showed up again offshore on the hot water change and Craig made quick work of the 67" fish which would weigh around 150lbs. Thanks!
Posted on 13 Apr 2015 by biopsea
4/11/15 Yellowfins and Stud Bigeye!
We had Mike, Melanie, Mark and Katie on Saturday. Picked at a few yellowfins and then had a heavy bite at end of the day. Mike did a great job on Heavy tackle and ended up being a 239lb Bigeye!! Thanks

Posted on 13 Apr 2015 by biopsea
Inlet back Open!!!
As Many of you probably heard, due to the shoaling we have been dealing with for months, last weekend the Coast Guard restricted navigation of Oregon Inlet to any vessels with greater than 2ft draft. This essentially shut down fishing for the charter and commercial fleets. Thankfully the dredge arrived and started working east of the bridge on Thursday. This allowed the Coast Guard to change the restriction from 2ft to 5ft. This means that the charter boats as well as many of our commercial buddies can go back to work! (see link to story below)We are finishing our work in the boat yard and go back in water monday. Bluefins are still around so give us a call if you are ready to go. Thanks


Posted on 03 Apr 2015 by biopsea
3/22/15 A few Bites
Book Hook and the crew from Maryland joined us on Sunday. Pretty good action overall for the fleet with some small fish and bigger class as well. We caught a nice 82in fish we released and hooked another which we lost. Weather looks great Wednesday and we are open if anyone is interested.


Posted on 23 Mar 2015 by biopsea
3/15 and 3/19 Still Scrappy
We had Joe Sandefour and the boys from PA on Sunday. 7 boats fishing and we covered 30plus mile of water and only 1 bluefin caught total by Capt Brynner on the Smoker. Thursday we had Chris and Brian from Maryland. Big fleet of boats with charter, private and the commercial gang out on a pretty day. Slow fishing but we got lucky and caught a double, keeping a 65in fish and releasing another. Missed another bite and that was it for us. Thanks

Posted on 20 Mar 2015 by biopsea
3/13/15 Just a few Yellowfins
Had Jason and crew from Maryland on Friday. Choppy conditions and slow on the Bluefins, just a couple caught out of the fleet. No bluefin bites for us but did manage 3 yellowfins for dinner. Thanks

Posted on 17 Mar 2015 by biopsea
3/10/15 Smaller fish showing on Top
Slick calm weather on Tuesday for Forrest Seal and crew. Very slow fishing, not many bites to go around in the am. Another boat found some smaller class bluefin on top out in the deep East of the inlet and we made the run up there. Fish were very finicky and we missed 1 on ballyhoo the caught a 56" fish that would be around 110lbs. We then threw a top water plug at a couple schools and released a bluefin around 60lbs. We also managed a nice 100lb make for mixed grill! Thanks

Posted on 11 Mar 2015 by biopsea

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