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Outer Banks Fishing Reports

3/24/13 More Bluefin and first Blue Marlin
We had Luke and Rick today and forecast was wind increasing to 20-25 out of east but had a pretty morning as you can see from pic. The Water had moved up from the day before and the bluefins were there thick. Tough to get bites but we hooked one right away and fought him for about 2 hours. A nice 400lb fish for Luke. Our next bite was very unexpected--a March Blue Marlin. Rick did a great job and it was a nice fish pushing 500lbs. Luke got some video so hopefully we can get that posted sometime. One more bluefin bite which we lost and left early when the wind came on. Thanks guys!

Posted on 25 Mar 2013 by biopsea
3/23/13 Bluefin wham
Today we had Colin Young, Bob O'connor and gang from Virginia. A slick calm Saturday with lots of boats out but the bluefins were there in good numbers. Lots of marks on sounder like the pic you see below but no bites for us until we hit the right mark and hooked 5 at one time! We broke one off, had a small private boat run one over and caught the other 3. They all were in the 85" range around 350lbs. It took us 2 hours and with 4 knots of current we got pulled way out to the deep. Got back to edge later on but could not manage another bite. Thanks!

Posted on 25 Mar 2013 by biopsea
3/15/13 Bluefins still Here
We had Jeremy and the boys from Raleigh on Friday on the Legacy. They were troopers and drove from Raleigh in the morning so we got a late start. Good bluefin action right out of the gate for the fleet with multiple hookups for many. We got there about 45 minutes behind the gang and had a bite right away that we did not get. The bite fell off a bit and we fished around for hours before hooking a 85" fish which we released. Did not find our 72" and under fish for the day. Great sign of bluefins though with lots of marks on the bottom machine and fish seen on top surfing down sea. Captain Jordan will be back with the BI-OP-SEA tomorrow and we are available starting wednesday the 20th. Thanks!

Posted on 16 Mar 2013 by biopsea
Great Sailfishing to finish in Mexico!
Captain Jordan took our owner Dell Dembosky along with buddies Jim and John fishing the last couple days in Mexico over the weekend. They had great fishing and caught 12 of 25 bites on friday and 33 of 50 bites on Saturday! Great job guys! They left Mexico on Monday and hoping for good weather and safe travels. With any luck they will make it home to Oregon Inlet this weekend.
Posted on 12 Mar 2013 by biopsea
April Suprise
No fishing lately with high winds and swell from the winter storm that came through last week. Was looking at some pics from previous springs and came across this one of some bigeyes we caught April before last. Fishing out of Oregon Inlet provides the opportunity to catch a lot of different species and you never know what you might catch! We have lots of days open still this spring so give us a call or e-mail to book your trip. Thanks!
Posted on 11 Mar 2013 by biopsea
3-2 and 3-3-13
We had Dennis Williamson's crew on Saturday and Wes Johnson on Sunday. Saturday only 1 bluefin caught by the whole fleet. We ended up catching some tilefish for the guys for dinner. Sunday we relocated and found the bluefins in big numbers. They were not biting very well but lots of fish on top and mixed up sizes. We did keep a 71" fish and let one go that was probably around 75". A couple boats reported fish in the 87" plus range! We have lots of days open so give us a call if you want to catch a big bluefin. Thanks!

Posted on 04 Mar 2013 by biopsea
Spring Fishing
Back home from Mexico and there a a few Bluefins being caught if anyone is interested in booking a trip. It is your best chance of catching a tuna that averages over 150lbs. I will be running my trips on the Legacy, another Oregon Inlet charter boat until the BI-OP-SEA returns from Mexico mid March. The cool weather here has me looking forward to some Spring fishing. Below are pics from late April and early May last year. As you can see both yellowfin tuna and gaffer dolphin fishing can be great. Weekends are booking up fast so give us a call or e-mail if interested.
Posted on 09 Feb 2013 by biopsea
Salon refit
We finished our overhaul of the salon and want to give a big thanks to Patrick Harrison and Bob Vlcek of Harrison Boatworks for a great job. Below are pics of new dash cabinets, tv, stereo, countertops, cushions, carpet, as well as new veneer or refinish on all other teak areas. We are in Mexico now catching sailfish till mid march and then will be back at Oregon Inlet so call us to schedule your spring tuna trip. Thanks!

Posted on 18 Jan 2013 by biopsea
Boat work/Thanksgiving Duck Hunt
DOne fishing for the season as we update our salon layout before leaving for Mexico in January. Here is some pics of boat work and Thanksgiving duck hunt with my 5 and 10y/o.

Posted on 08 Dec 2012 by biopsea
11/4/12, pulled it out
We had Mike Szucs and the boys from SC today. Very slow in am but we scrapped out a catch in pm. Ended up with 4 wahoos, 3 big king mackeral, a couple blackfins and dolphin. Thanks

Posted on 08 Dec 2012 by biopsea

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