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Outer Banks Fishing Reports

A Few Tunas
We had Beautiful weather and a few yellowfins for Mark Shekletski and crew. Although there were some bluefins caught we had bad luck and managed to drive around them. Weather is getting nice and tunas showing up so give us a call to book your trip.

Posted on 06 Apr 2010 by biopsea
Back home, Bluefins snapping!
We made it back home to Pirates Cove, leaving mexico Thursday at 5:30 pm and pulling into our slip here at 12:30 Tuesday. A bumpy crossing and 25-30kt north winds up the sound from Morehead but other than that decent weather for the trip home. After releasing all those sails in Mexico we are ready to put some meat on the dock! The bluefins are back this year and have grown with the average fish around 200lbs and a few 300lb fish have hit the dock. There have also been a few yellowfins and even a couple bigeyes caught. Below are some pics from last years bluefin action. We have lots of days open so give us a call to book your trip.
Posted on 19 Mar 2010 by biopsea
Great day for last trip!
Looks like we fished our last on tuesday as the wind as set in for a few days and we will try to leave on friday. We had our owner, his son Andrew, and friend Christian and ran north and found birds, bait balls and fish on top again. We caught 43 of probably 65 bites and only fished till 1:45. That gave the BI-OP-SEA a total of 855 sailfish for the 2010 season. Great fishing, thanks to everyone who fished with us and look forward to next year!

Posted on 10 Mar 2010 by biopsea
New Boat Record!
The great fishing this season just continues. On saturday the 6th we had Rob Askew, John Lytle and gang again. We improved on Friday's tally of 36 by setting the new BI-OP-Sea boat record-----catching 55 sails in one day. Most of the fishing was around bait balls, birds with fish cutting on top. The guys did a great job and hooked many of their own fish. Yesterday we had our owner, his son Andrew and friend Christian. Lots of fish on top but not very cooperative. We still managed to catch 16. Today we had same crowd but added our owner's wife Mary and daughters. We had beautiful weather and fished right in front of Isla. We caught 19 sails, spent a good hour in water swimming with sails on bait balls, and sill were back at dock by 2:00! Only few days left then we head home. Booking trips for this spring/summer so give us a call. Thanks!

Posted on 08 Mar 2010 by biopsea
Sails still snappin!
We fished Sunday the 28th and caught 21 of 30 bites as my 8y/o Bradley caught 5 on his own! We had some days off and lots of wind then got going again yesterday March 4th. We had John Lytle, Rob Askew and friends Grant, Scuba Steve, Jimmy, and Keller. Yesterday was slow but we still caught 16 of 28 bites. Today fishing was great, lots of birds and bait balls and we ended up catching 36 of 60 bites. Should have some more pics tomorrow. Thanks!

Posted on 05 Mar 2010 by biopsea
Good fishing, swimming with sails
Jason and Rebecca Ward along with friends Rob and Allison from Charleston fished with us On the 26th. Fishing was good as we caught 20 out of 32 bites. We also spent quite a bit of time diving with the sails around bait balls. Jason and Rob are both avid free divers and spearfisherman. Rob got some great pics and video and Jordan and I got to dive in as well. Thanks to Rob for the pics and video. Check out his link below to You Tube.


Posted on 03 Mar 2010 by biopsea
Steady fishing
Our owner was in town to fish the last 3 days. Sunday there were a lot of fish on top with birds and bait and we caught 40 out of 65 bites with our owner as the only angler. Monday he had some friends along and we could not find the surface activity we had seen the day before. We ended up running back down in front of Isla and caught 20 out of 35 bites. Yesterday was a half day and we went 12 for 25. Still have This saturday and next mon-wed open if interested. Thanks!

Posted on 24 Feb 2010 by biopsea
Back in action, Great Fishing
We made it back after visit home with family. We had great fishing yesterday and today for Bruce and Greg Galbraith, Russ and Bobby Kostinas. 30 for 45 or so yesterday, 40 for probably 80 today. Still have next weekend open so give us a call or e-mail. Thanks!

Posted on 20 Feb 2010 by biopsea
Fishing still Great
Sorry for delayed report. Back home now for couple weeks as another captain is down running some of his trips on our boat. We fished Sunday the 31st and Monday Feb 1st with our owner and my wife as our only 2 anglers. We had great fishing both days catching 26 of 40 bites the 1st day and 28 of 50 or so the second day. The pictures below are actually from Jan 23rd courtesy of our charter Richard Worrell. Thanks for the pics! Still have some days open including the last weekend of Feb so give us a call or e-mail.

Posted on 05 Feb 2010 by biopsea
Good Fishing
Had Jess Brindisi and crew last 2 days. Good fishing friday in choppy seas, catching 15 of 28 bites. Today the weather got pretty and the sails showed on top for us. We caught 37 of 55 bites with the guys catching 4 triples, lots of doubles and a few singles. Good job guys!

Posted on 30 Jan 2010 by biopsea

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