Boat Sharing

If you are traveling by yourself or as a couple, this is a great opportunity to meet people and share a great Outer Banks fishing trip.

If you love to fish, by sharing a boat you can often go fishing twice in the same week, instead of taking one single charter for the same cost.

The price of a Bi-Op-Sea fishing charter is the same whether you have a small fishing party or the maximum number of fishermen (six persons).

If you don’t mind sharing the boat and are interested in sharing the cost of your fishing charter, then our boat sharing program (also called makeup charters) may be perfect for you.

Our share program is available to single fishermen or angling couples who want to pay only a portion of the regular charter rate and share their Outer Banks offshore Gulf Stream fishing trip with other anglers.

To request a Boat Share (also called Makeup Charter) just fill out our request form and indicate the number of people in your party and your date preferences. We will do our best to hook you up with other fishermen for a fabulous day of deep sea fishing. If we do find someone to share your fishing charter with you, we will send you an email with deposit instructions. We require a deposit to confirm your reservation, which cannot be canceled without penalties.

Boat sharing (also called makeup charters) are also available through Oregon Inlet Fishing Center at 800.272.5199 or email us for more information.

Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about charter fishing on the Bi-Op-Sea with Captain Jesse Granitzki and Mate Chris Stine