Facebook for Reports

Facebook for Reports

Been battling website issues all summer. Click on link to Facebook page for reports. Here are some pics from recent weeks
4/23/18  Good Fishing

4/23/18 Good Fishing

We had Greg and crew from Maryland on monday and ended up with a great catch of yellowfin.


Handful of tuna and a wahoo for dave Alderton and crew.
4/18/18  Green Water

4/18/18 Green Water

We had Jason Klosterman and crew on Wednesday. The water we had been catching tunas in shoved way out and left green water over top. Little to no tuna for the fleet we scrapped out 3 yellowfins. Thanks
4/14/18  Slower but still good

4/14/18 Slower but still good

We had Skylar wilson and gang from Va on saturday. Slower fishing overall but still some good catches. We struggled, catching 7 keepers but threw at least 15 back that were too small.